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2016 Focus hatchback, only 3k miles!!this one has the ECO_BOOST engine!! $10,900



Come see how we focus on the Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is our specialty. For more than 25 years, we have worked deligently with the Ford Focus and its predecessor, the Escort. We offer high quality cars for the right price.

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- Student cars

- Medical delivery services

- Home healthcare

- Messenger services

- Low mileage used cars

- Affordable prices

Here for all your Ford service needs

We have been serving Oakland County and beyond with our Ford Focus knowledge and expertise since 1988.


By only focusing on one type of car, we have become the experts you are looking for. You can count on us when your Ford Focus needs repairs.

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You get a FREE bumper to bumper warranty on all sales!

Out of all the used car dealers, Auto Rex is the only dealer in the state of Michigan that has had ZERO complaints in over 30 Years!

You will never have a major expense!

We are a GREEN company!

We recycle everything!